Lady's Monthly Museum, November 1811

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1811)

Cabinet of Fashion.


Fig. 1.--Full dress. A round robe of rose-coloured crape, with full Turkish long sleeve and Roman bodice, worn over an under-dress of white satin; a round tucker of Paris net, edged with cuffs to correspond; broach and clasp of pale topaz; neck chain and cross of the same. Head dress in the eastern style, composed of the hair in curls and ringlets, confined in a caul of silver net, fastened with a Chinese pin at the back of the head, and in front with a knot of brilliants; white satin shoes, with silver clasps; gloves of French kid; scarf of French lace.

Fig. 2.--A round French robe, with bishop sleeves of fine muslin, ornamented at the feet and wrists with a crescent border of needle-work; a short Roman coat, of green sarcenet, without sleeves, cut low round the bosom, and trimmed with a fall of lace, ornamented round the bottom and up the front, with a crescent border corresponding with the robe, in shaded chenille; a mountain hat, composed of the same materials, and ornamented with white crape; a foundling cap of crape, with a flower in front; half boots of buff kid; parasol of crimson velvet; ridicule; same colour; Limerick gloves.

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