Lady's Monthly Museum, October 1811

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1811)

Cabinet of Fashion.

[From page 228] Figure 1.--A Chinese robe with full long sleeves of fine twilled cambric, trimmed round the throat and wrist, and down the front, with a full frill of the same. A French foundling cap, formed of alternate strips of lace and white satin, trimmed with white ribbon and autumnal flowers. A pelisse [typo for pereline!!! picture is clearly a pereline] of spotted muslin or net, trimmed entirely round with lace or muslin, and thrown loosely over the shoulders. Shoes and gloves of lemon-coloured kid. [Plate is pirated from a morning dress printed in Ackermann's Repository the month before, with a prettier woman seated in the same dress with an almost identical description, except pereline not pelisse is used to describe the scarf.]

Figure 2. [not shown here]--A round high robe with long sleeves, and falling collar, edged with lace or needle work, the dress composed of fine cambric. A small Capuchin mantle of green sarsnet, lined with white, and trimmed with Chinese silk fringe, of corresponding shades; deep Spanish pointed cape, trimmed with the same. White satin Spanish hat,the rim of the same colour as the mantle, ornamented with a demi-wreath of corn-flowers. Roman shoes of green morocco. Gloves lemon colour.

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