Lady's Monthly Museum, September 1811

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1811)

Cabinet of Fashion.


Fig. 1.--A round robe of white crape or net, with a long sleeve of the same, worn over a white satin under-dress. A cottage vest or bodice, of green satin, laced and tagged with corresponding cord and tassels; under-dress shading closely the bosom and shoulders. A large veil, confined in front with a gold tiara, and a single rose on one side, flowing in negligent folds over the back of the figure. Neck chain and bracelets of finely carved amber, or elastic gold. French watch, with gold seals. Bouquet on the left side of the bosom. White shoes and gloves.

Fig. 2.--A white jaconet muslin high dress, a walking length, ornamented with a Tuscan border, in tambour. A pink sarsnet spencer, ornamented with Maltese buttons and barrel frogs, to correspond; the spencer worn open in front, and confined at the neck with cord and tassels. Watch worn outside, suspended in front from the bottom of the waist. Hair confined with a gold comb, at the back of the head; large veil thrown over the whole. Chinese parasol; boots same colour as the spencer; primrose kid gloves.

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