Ladies' Monthly Museum, May 1814

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1814)
Mirror of Fashion,
FOR MAY, 1814
[From page 290]

DRESS, of White Crape, or fine muslin, with demi train; the hair dressed à la Greque; and fastened with gold combs, or amber ornaments; amber necklace, and armlets; Cashimire shawl, with a rich embroidered border.

Sitting Figure. Round dress of white satin, with long lace sleeves; the hair dressed partly Roman, partly Grecian, and bound with a gold Tiara Opera scarf, of fine black lace, serving either for a veil, or shawl; gold chain round the neck, with armlets of the same.

We shall be able to give our readers a more accurate description of fashion the next month. At this early part of the season, fancy, as usual, reigns with almost unlimited sway; the most prevailing colours at present are Pale Blue, Lilac, and Primrose; which will, of course, give place to the Lily. White will be most prevalent in Satins and Sarsnet for Dresses, Spencers, and Demi Cloaks; the White Veil à la religieuse, is general; high Ostrich Feathers will form a part of the full Dress; and the Lilies, with Laurel Wreaths and Sprigs, will be much worn in straw; & satin head dresses.

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