Ladies' Monthly Museum, June 1814

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1814)
Mirror of Fashion,
FOR JUNE, 1814
The Dresses invented by Mesd. Powley and Harmsworth, New Bond Street.
[from page 346]


A full gaged body of Muslin, with sleeves to correspond, and trimmed with fine Lace; a Petticoat, of Peach colour; cut with deep Vandykes at the bottom; and each Vandyke trimmed with three rows of rich fringe; the Oldenberg Bonnet; which is immensely large; of the same colour as the Petticoat.


Of Blue or White Sarsnet, with crape draperies of the same colour; trimmed with Blond Lace, in very full short sleeves, twisted, and tied with a bow of riband; no ornament is worn of the head in dress; but the hair in long large curls all round the head.

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