Ladies' Monthly Museum, May 1815

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1815)
FOR MAY, 1815
[from page 294]


French Body, of White Crape, ornamented with Pink Satin and Flowers; the white Crape to be full, and banded with Pink Satin across the Bosom; the Sleeve to be made full, and ornamented with Gymp [sic] trimming down the Arm, fastened with Flowers.-- Pink Satin Braces and Sash, the ends terminating with Flowers.

Petticoat of White Crape, fastooned [sic] with Pink Satin, and looped with small Roses.--The Hair profusely ornamented with Flowers.


High Dress of India Jaconet Muslin; with gaged Body and Sleeves, double frilled round the neck, double Flounce of scolloped Muslin round the Skirt. Spencer of coloured Satin, ornamented with French trimming; the Epaulets of full Satin, trimmed round; French Body; the Neck full trimmed with Satin, or Lace;--the Sleeves made very full, and tied at the wrist with Satin Riband. Hat to correspond with the Spencer, loop'd on one side, and ornamented with an Ostrich Feather.

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