Ladies' Monthly Museum, June 1815

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1815)
FOR JUNE, 1815
[from page 362]


French Spencer, full in the Back, and full Satin round the Neck, ornamented at each edge with French trimming, the top of the Sleeve with full Satin, intermixed with French trimming, middle part of the Sleeve plain, but rather full; Wrist to correspond with the top; French trimming round the Waist to suit with the Neck. Parisian Bonnet of coloured Satin, vandyked round the Crown, puckered Satin between, trimmed round the Crown and Front with Blond Lace; Feather to suit the Bonnet; Half boots, Gloves, and Parasol, to correspond.


French Boddice made low, with beaded trimming round the neck; top of the neck ornamented with beaded trimming, the Train of Satin, double border of trimming round the Skirt, festooned and looped with Daisies, likewise daisies suspended; the Hair profusely ornamented with Flowers; Gloves, Shoes, and ornaments to correspond.

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