Lady's Monthly Museum, June 1812

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1812)
The Mirror of Fashion,
For JUNE 1812.

The Dresses invented by Mrs.Osgood, of Lower Brook Street.

MORNING Domestic Dress.--A white jaconet muslin gown, buttoned down the front with white regency buttons, and trimming formed en lozenge; handkerchief, gloves, and sandals of dragon-fly green; figuranté cap, ornamented with a rose in front.

Child's Dress.--A la a matelot Hollandois.

Evening Party Dress.--An Egyptian robe of peach blossom, evening primrose or lilac, shot with white or day primrose colour; apron sleeves and front of crape, en suite, trimmed with rose buds, and terminated with silver acorns; white satin hat, with regency plume; white gloves and shoes; armlet and earrings of gold.

There have been no variation in the head-dress of this month; the cap has been very generally introduced, but a profusion of jewels and diamonds ornament the hair for the evening party.

The habiliments of ladies have assumed the most splendid appearance; every think that is superb, every thing that is rare and expensive, now ornament the belles of 1812; neatness seems nearly exploded; save for the home department, and our females shine in a galaxy of pearls, diamonds, gold and blue. Some French dresses have been imported; but they only been adopted by the maitress à danser, or a few ladies, who seem to think that eccentricity of attire may be substituted for a beautiful face, or a modest deportment.

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