Lady's Monthly Museum, July 1812

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1812)
The Mirror of Fashion.
For JULY, 1812.

The Dresses invented by Mrs.Osgood, of Lower Brook Street.

Morning, or Exhibition, Dress.--At this time of the year, so numerous are the exhibitions of art thrown open to the public, that we have deemed it expedient to give a dress that will also suit the parade as well as the picture gallery, equally cool for both purposes;it is composed of a white satin spencer, with a Polonoise front, over a gown of white muslin, and called by our dress-maker, the regency wrap, Vandyke trimming down the front, edged with Valenciennes lace, with two tucks at the bottom of the dress: white satin hat and feather, tipt with pink; pink gloves; and jean demi-bottes.

Evening Dress--Of Gossamer net, of amber silk, with Chinese trimming down the front, and round the bosom, vest, and arms, fastened with mock pearls, and worn over a white satin body; white French gloves and shoes. The hair ornamented with roses, or dull gold.

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