Lady's Monthly Museum, July 1810

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1810)

From page 32

Fig.1--A round robe, with long sleeves and demi-train of white gossamer satin, or white crape; the bosom of the dress trimmed with a broad lace, confined in the centre, with a pink topaz broach; a deep lace ruffle at the wrist. Hair confined with a Persian pin of diamonds; necklace, ear-rings, and bracelets, to correspond. Scarf of green silk; white kid gloves and shoes.

Fig. 2--A round high dress of white cambric, with Armenian collar and cuffs, trimmed with antique lace. An Egyptian mantle of pale pink silk, trimmed with binding and broad thread lace. Parisian bonnet of the same materials as the mantle. Parasol to correspond. Buff gloves.

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