Lady's Monthly Museum, August 1809

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1809)

From page 104

Fig.1--Full dress:--A round convent robe of Egyptian brown tissue, worn over a white satin under dress, ornamented at the feet, and round the bosom and sleeves, with a rich white lace; whie satin appliqued stomacher, embellished with silver lattice work, and continued in a strait [sic] line to the feet. Head dress of fine gold net, with a Mecklin veil of uncommon delicacy, disposed in a graceful manner over one shoulder. Necklace and armlets of pearl, with diamond snaps. Scarf of Andalusian silk. White satin shoes, and white kid gloves.

Fig. 2--Walking dress of fine French cambric, or plain muslin, trimmed at the feet, wrists, and neck, with Vandyke lace; the bosom of lace and needle-work. A Tyrolese cloak of lilac shot sarsnet, trimmed with Venetian binding and white lace, put on full; a frill of the same round the neck, clasped in front with silver. The hair in the Grecian style. Veil a la Maltese, of the most transparent texture, edged in vandykes, thrown with simple elegance over the whole, so as for the countenance just to be discovered. Lilac shoes; primrose coloured gloves; parasol same colour as the cloak.

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