Dresses of January 1797 from The Gallery of Fashion

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This is the tenth issue of the third volume (Vol III, no. 10). The volumes run from April to March. In this issue, there are two plates and two pages of description. Plate one features figures 124 and 125 and is labelled Morning Dresses. Plate two features figures 126 and 127. It is labeled "Afternoon Dresses" and "Scotch Dress" and is shown below in greyscale. [All of these descriptions were copied and only slightly varied in spelling and punctuation in the January 1797 issue of the Lady's Magazine.]

Original Text reads as follows:
The hair is light ringlets; plain chignon; white satin riband tied under the chin. Cabriolet bonnet, covered with white, black, and blue striped velvet; blue and white striped satin riband scolloped, placed in the front, and a large bow of the same behind. Round gown of chintz; long sleeves. White satin cloak, trimmed with swan-down. Party-cloured bear muff. Blue and white striped shoes.

The front and hind hair in easy curls and ringlets, the side hair turned up in loops. Foundling cap of blue satin, trimmed with sable. Opera-Pelisse of ladies' blue cloth, trimmed with the same. Half tippet of white fur round the neck. Gold pierced ear-rings. Olive-coloured gloves and shoes.


Large toupee dressed in curls, the hind hair turned up into a plain chignon. Two bandeaux of white and black velvet, in Vandyke scollops; the ends of the chignon drawn through the bandeaux, and formed into ringlets, falling on the neck and behind. Three large rosettes of white satin riband, with gold elastic tassels, placed on the top of the toupee. Petticoat of light blue satin, in deep Vandyke scollops. Dress of fine muslin, trimmed with lace; short puckered sleeves, twisted with gold cord. Gold cord round the waist. Diamond festoon necklace with a medallion. Diamond ear-rings. White satin shoes, embroidered in silver. Swan-down muff.

The front and side hair dressed in small curls; chignon turned up plain. Bonnet of white satin and plaid silk; four black-coloured feathers, and a bow of gold cord with tassels in the front. Round dress of muslin; short sleeves; the whole trimmed with plaid riband. Scarf of plaid silk, fastened with a gold epaulette upon the right shoulder. Gold cord with tassels round the waist. Plaiting of lace round the neck of the gown, fastened in the front by a diamond stud. Three gold chains round the neck. Diamond ear-rings. Sandal shoes. Swan-down muff.

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